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From: SANDEEP Manohararao (ALMY-PE/MFO1) [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 12 July 2015 8:26 CH
To: Sales Cambodia Travel
Subject: RE: Excellent trip to Cambodia

Good evening Ms. Diu,

I’m fine thank you and would like to apologize to you because once I’m back from Cambodia, I need to rush to Germany for an important issue to be settle there.

I really had good and awesome trip with Mr. Sam Nang. He really took good care of us until the day we departure. The experience was really good and I’m going to recommend most of my working colleagues to check with you for more details if they want to go Cambodia for their trip.

I’m would like to say thanks again for organizing such an excellent trip for me and my family.

Thanks a lot and hope to have more trips with you soon. Please me give the places that you organize tours and give me more packages with different places.

Thanks for the time and cooperation given.

Sandeep Rao

Pravin Mulay India, 26 January 2015
From: Pravin Mulay [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 26 January 2015
To: ‘Sales Cambodia Travel’
Subject: Customized tour from Pravin Mulay – 11/Jan/15 to 22/Jan/15

Dear Diu,

We reached back India safely and comfortably on 23/Jan as planned. Sorry for sending this mail after 3 days as I got sucked in lot of pending “home”work!

Our entire trip was planned and executed successfully – special thanks to you for your excellent planning, prompt and specific communications and for very understanding nature! I will be sending you separate feedback email about our Cambodia and Thailand experience with few suggestions also. As an afterthought, I felt that we should have visited Vietnam also (as was suggested by you). It would have been more wonderful and we could have met you in person!

I am enclosing a snapshot of all of us taken at Bangkok airport while returning back to India. Our Bangkok Guide – Ms. Jenny is in the photo and I am the guy wearing white shirt!

I give below my thoughts about our tour of Cambodia and Thailand. Pl. note the same for your future planning. I hope, it helps!

1. Phnom Penh: Hotel, Arrangement, Tour Programme and Guide – All excellent.

2. Siem Reap: Hotel, Arrangement, Tour Programme and Guide – All excellent.

3. Phuket: Hotel – excellent.
Airport Pickup Team – needs training about courteous behaviour.
Company Representative was professional but was too mechanical!
We saw only the FantSea show during our visit. Instead, the day could have been used for Phuket natural/historical site-seeing.

4. Krabi: Hotel, Arrangement, Tour Programme and Guide – All excellent.

5. Bangkok: Hotel, Arrangement, Tour Programme and Guide – All excellent.

Point for improvement: You may think of sending tailor-made brochures about places-to-visit (consisting history, geography, statistics, legends and places of interest) before a tour starts. This might help in better understanding. Also after such a wonderful tour, I don’t have any physical visiting card or a memento… of CIAO ASIA with me! However, that’s OK.

Overall rating – Excellent.

I hope, we get a chance in future to visit Vietnam through your support.

All the best.

Thanks and warm regards.

Pravin Mulay,

Perpetual Believer – India.

Pravin Mulay India, 26 January 2015