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Home >> Phnom Penh Attractions >> Old Market ( Phsar Chas) – Phnom Penh

Old Market ( Phsar Chas) – Phnom Penh

Old Market (Phsar Chas) is a local market that is not at all geared to the tourist. It carries such items as fruits and vegetable, second hand cloths, hardware, motorcycle parts and religious items. In the late afternoon food vendors and fruit sellers set up mats along Street 13 in preparation for the evening market. The dinner rush hour makes for a confusing, dirty potentially photogenic scene. Located on the river at the south end of the Old French Quarter, Old Market ( Phsar Chas), Phnom Penh is one of the popular markets open to the local people and the tourists as well. Phnom Penh Old Market ( Phsar Chas) is one of the most crowded markets in the city. From fruits and vegetables to motorcycle parts, you can find it all in this market. In the late afternoon food vendors and fruit sellers spread mats along Street 13 and sit with their stocks for the evening market. So, the tourists will find Old Market ( Phsar Chas), Phnom Penh in every aspect a traditional market place to browse and shop.

Old Market Phnom Penh

Although there is not much of interest to the tourists, Old Market ( Phsar Chas), Phnom Penh is still a must see during Phnom Penh tour. The Old Market ( Phsar Chas) in Phnom Penh offers a great selection of antiques and curios. The Old Market are ifs filled with various shops, galleries, restaurants, bars, massage parlors and many more. Apart from that, the market has stores for foodstuffs, fruits and clothes. Second hand clothes are also sold here. Hardware items include motorcycle parts. Starting from morning till early evening, the south side of the market near the river becomes alive with hawkers and vendors selling souvenir, silk and a wide variety of Cambodian handicrafts, textiles, statues and curios. The Old Market ( Phsar Chas), Phnom Penh is also a good place to choose post cards, tee-shirts and other items that people buy when they visit the temple nearby.

The northern end of the market is mainly geared to the the locals selling vegetables, fruit, meats, clothes, home appliance stuffs, etc. The shopping streets in the surrounding area house a number of galleries and boutiques, each with its own style, collection and specialty. These boutiques and galleries are more comfortable air-conditioned shopping venues with quality items to sell. For food buffs, Old Market ( Phsar Chas), Phnom Penh is an ideal place to try some local cuisine. There are several small food stalls offering tasty but sometimes unhygienically prepared food. To stay fit you should try the dishes at the street side restaurants and pubs at the Old Market area. Though the Old Market closes after the sunset officially you will find many of the souvenir vendors at the south section of the market till 8 PM.

If you wish to plunge in to the heady excitement of shopping in Phnom Penh and feel the pulse of the city, you should definitely visit the Old Market! Offering a glimpse in to the rich cultural traditions of the region, the Old Market (Phsar Chas) in Phnom Penh is one of the places that always ranks at the top of the Phnom Penh Travel Guide for anyone visiting this exotic city! It is easy to spot this bustling market area along the river bank in Phnom Penh. You only have to get near the south end of the Old French Quarter and you’ll be greeted by the sights and sounds of this popular market! For the best experience, visit the Old Market (Phsar Chas) of Phnom Penh when it opens in the morning. Spend all day exploring the fascinating charms of the market. The place begins shutting down at sun set, but the souvenir vendors at the south end of the market are open way in to the evening, beyond 8 pm. Tee-shirts, picture post cards of the city, locally produced vegetables, fruits – Old Market (Phsar Chas) at Phnom Penh in Cambodia beckons both locals and visitors to sample its various delights!The market area is choc-a-bloc with art galleries, bars, mssage parlors, inexpensive eateries selling delicious local fare and lots more.

(Source: Tourism Cambodia)

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